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Thank You For Contacting Me!

(Unless you are a weirdo or are just plain mean with negative things to say.  To that I say, “no thanks and good riddance.”)

Thanks for reaching out.  There are a few things you should note at this point;

  • Paul does enjoy receiving notes from people but he’s kind of a picky person truth be told.  He hates negativity.  He has a strong bias towards positivity, kindness, love, gratitude, appreciation, encouragement, inspiration, motivation and especially humor.
  • His Mom used to tell him, “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.”  That applies to contacting us.
  • All inquiries, messages, feedback or questions are screened and are handled by someone other than Paul.  The guy is busy but really he says it prevents him from spending time on weirdo’s and fruitcakes or negative people.  Life is too short for kooks.  He actually hired someone to screen out the weirdo’s, fruitcakes, and negative people (that’s me and you don’t even know my name!)
  • You may not get a response (or a timely one) depending on the situation, what we are working on, where Paul is geographically, or our internal time constraints.  Don’t stress or take it personally.  It really isn’t personal.  It’s due to the paradox of time constraints.
  • Paul is a super-fan of being intentional with time.  He encourages you to be intentional with your time.  That means setting priorities, establishing goals, listing out objectives and then pursuing personal excellence.  The paradox is that you can’t do that if you are on social media all day or writing emails back and forth to folks all day.  What that means is that Paul intentionally works on items that are the best use of his time (and that means he doesn’t have time for other things.)  Everything is a tradeoff.  That means that we can’t communicate with every person on a one-on-one level on a regular basis.  It doesn’t mean that we don’t care about you or your struggles or your goals.  It means that we are trying to help the most people with the time resources that we have available.
  • If you write negative things, we laugh at them and then we hit, “delete.”  You aren’t the first person to write negative things and you won’t be the last.  It takes us 1 second to hit the “delete” button whereas it takes you more than 1 second to think of nasty things to write and actually writing and submitting them.  Good luck winning that battle…