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How to make the best financial decisions on your greatest investment

by Paul Kindzia in Health, Longevity, Personal Finance
December 20, 2016

“Nobody really wants to spend money on anything that doesn’t bring some level of immediate satisfaction or gratification from it.  But anyone in his or her right mind DOES want to avoid the misery of feeling like a lazy slug, unable to chase their dreams as they slip on down the road to a variety of chronic diseases.  If they ignore the realities of the long-term damages that they are doing to themselves from bad lifestyle decisions, that won’t prevent them from the issues at hand like a big butt, a fat gut, a negative outlook on life and a life that really screams, ‘I just don’t have my shit together…’”

Is that how you want to live your life?

Our culture and society have tricked you and that trickery comes with grave consequences if you don’t pay attention.  70% of our population is on track for suffering from chronic illnesses, many of which could have been avoided with appropriate and positive lifestyle choices.  Are you one of the 70%?  The majority of our citizens have been led to believe that the less you spend on healthcare, the more financially prudent you are being.  After all, why spend a dollar on yourself when it could be either avoided or passed on to another entity such as an insurance company or the government?

What if I told you that most of you need to flip your approach to healthcare on its head?

“Your greatest investment is YOU!” – Paul Kindzia

Have you ever found yourself feeling sick, tired, worn-out, out of shape, self-conscious about your body, lazy, lacking motivation, getting depressed, and with an inability to think clearly or creatively?  There have been a few times in my life where I’ve felt all of those things and a few more for extra credit in the, “I don’t have my shit together” category.

When I have been in poor physical shape, it resulted in me feeling unworthy and incapable of ever escaping the state that I was in.  It also cost me plenty of money as I wasn’t as productive as I could have been.  To think that it wasn’t showing in my day to day behaviors and that others didn’t notice would be a lie.  Who wants to promote or do business with somebody that doesn’t have their shit together?  Surrounding yourself with slugs is so uninspiring.  At the same time, I also had the feeling that this just wasn’t the way my life was supposed to go and I had to figure out a way to break through to the other side.

The reality is, when we don’t have our shit together on our own health, it costs us dearly in the long run.  Your greatest investment is YOU!  It’s not your house.  It’s not your 401k plan.  It’s not your shoe collection or your fishing boat.  Your greatest investment is your ability to live a productive life that allows you to contribute your talents to the world as long as possible while finding fulfillment along the way.

Investing in your own health can offer the greatest returns over a lifetime.

  • How much money and wealth can you accumulate when you are sick and laying in a bed?
  • How many people can you help if you are disabled (or dead)?
  • How competitive can you be in the workplace when you barely have the energy to get out of bed in the morning?
  • How much fun do you think you will have if you were battling cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and working around a pickled liver?

But the mindset of most individuals is counter to this approach to their greatest investment.  Their approach is to starve off and allocate as few financial resources as possible to themselves.  Have you ever caught yourself thinking or doing the following:

  • Cancelling a gym membership to save money.
  • Buying prescription drugs (that all have side effects) to avoid working on the underlying physical problem that your body is suffering from.
  • Purchasing and consuming packaged and processed foods rather than natural organic meats, fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds because, “pre-packaged food is so much cheaper.”
  • Not wanting to buy vitamins because they are too expensive and unneeded (because your frozen dinners loaded with preservatives and chemicals should be a great substitute.)
  • Consuming recreational drugs and alcohol to fill the voids in your life. This allocates money away from your health and towards items with a terrible long term return on investment.

Do you really think you will get the promotion against the other person who is full of energy and vigor?  Do you really think you will have the mental clarity and creativity to solve problems while jacked up on energy drinks and sugar which puts you on a roller coaster of energy throughout your days?

Do you really think that you will have the energy to follow your dreams, chase your goals, and live a life of personal excellence when your body is just treated as a human junk yard?

If you want to achieve the greatest heights, accomplish your wildest dreams, and pursue personal objectives that are most fulfilling and do this for any extended period of time, it would be wise to invest in your greatest investment.  This means allocating the financial resources required to operate at an optimum level for personal excellence.

Most of us were handed a body that is the equivalent of a biological Ferrari.  Our bodies are an amazing creation capable of accomplishing mind-blowing feats.  Yet, most of us take this gift of the Ferrari and treat it is as if it was a used and abused 1972 Chevy Nova.  And then they wonder why the car doesn’t move fast, makes all kinds of weird noises, and emits all kinds of foul emissions.  And who wants to show up on a date or at a job interview driving a 1972 hunk of junk Chevy Nova anyway?  I guess most of America…

Maybe instead of trying to figure out how to reduce spending on healthcare or pass the maintenance on to some other entity like an insurance company or the government, you begin to think of how much you can invest in your health to run like a Ferrari.  And then you actually follow through and spend the money to run at optimum health.

What could you accomplish if you had a beautiful and bionic body that could perform at the highest levels?  Share your answer on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

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