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How to live A Debt Free and Healthy Life


Stop the craziness with your money, health, and relationships, and let’s create a more kick-butt and easier life for yourself.



How to deal with The Haters, The Baiters, and Non-Believers During Your Transformation

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If it were only possible to live a long, healthy, happy, and wholesome life in such a chaotic, stressful, and exasperating society…

But it IS POSSIBLE!  FINALLY!  Answers to confusing life problems delivered to you while you hide behind a pillow in the privacy of your own home.

You are capable of accomplishing and enjoying so much more in your life and you don’t even know it.  You just have to learn some proven tricks and techniques the same way other successful people had to learn them.

I start out helping you solve the more simple things in life that are stumping you.  I teach you the important value bombs that they never taught you in school or at home like:

  • Mastering your finances

  • Transforming your health

  • Improving your relationships

  • Managing your time efficiently

  • Achieving happiness and self-fulfillment

Then you could move on to more advanced items like picking out the best fishing poles, learning how to quilt, or connecting expensive bluetooth accessories.

Gaining insight into your own life will be like looking through a peep hole that shows the difference between being smart and dumb.  With that vision, you may be able to transform your life and even shock yourself (without inserting metal utensils into electrical outlets).

I am ultimately taking you on a quest towards personal excellence

(but I hope you aren’t allergic to laughing along the way)

Your wallet just joined a support group with your gas tank, your bank account, your fridge, and your soul.  They are all on empty.

Need a tissue?

Your Mom called and begged me to make you smarter and to tell you to eat your vegetables.  (She also wants you to visit her more often.  How sweet.)

Your Mom Is Pissed!

Your spouse offered to trade you in for a new blender.  Even though I like blenders, it’s kind of sad…  News flash – men aren’t supposed to look pregnant.

Wife isn't digging it...

How do I create all of the magic that stops you from doing dumb things over and over again to yourself and then help you morph into your own incredible superhero?  I offer you pearls that fall into 3 buckets.

(You’ll probably still do some dumb things from time to time.  It’s ok to laugh at yourself and learn from mistakes.  But let’s just take some baby steps to get started together shall we?)

Cover Your Ears To Stop It From Falling Out

I fill your brain with these valuable nuggets called knowledge and information.  It’s like new software for your operating system but better.  Most of the knowledge and information has already been written about in these things called “books,” but who has time for that malarky?  I mean seriously???

Instructions In Only ONE LANGUAGE!

I give you instructions and checklists for specific things to do in English (no habla espanol – sorry amigos).  I know (and you know) that you throw out the instructions for most things. But that’s also because you can’t read 19 languages and they put the English instructions after the Chinese ones (“E” still comes after “C” even in the global economic dictionary) and you just don’t have the patience for that Tom Foolery.

You’ll Start Doing Smart Things Repeatedly But Won’t Know Why

Once the final brainwashing is complete, you will become an unwitting successful person built upon a conspiracy of personal excellence.  Your friends will have a hard time calling you an idiot without the usual justification.  They may even stop hanging around you because they hate smart people.

Transform yourself so you could stop taking selfies that look like this.

The Internet is pleading

Something went seriously wrong in your life.  But you just can’t pinpoint where.

You can't stop saying WTF?!?!

Life is hard; it’s harder if you’re stupid.  Listen to The Duke.

Don't ever ignore John Wayne

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(After you hit the “Start Here” button below, I will salute you for taking a big step towards being a genius.)