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I’m Paul

25 years of advising individuals and households taught me that:

  • If your finances are messed up, you are going to have a hard life
  • If your health is messed up, you are going to have a hard life
  • If your relationships are messed up, you are going to have a hard life
  • If you have poor time management skills, you are going to have a hard life
  • If you aren’t consistently doing things that make you long term happy and fulfilled, you are going to have a hard life

Let’s get these basic things right, so you can transform yourself and achieve your goals.



How to deal with The Haters, The Baiters, and Non-Believers During Your Transformation

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25 years of hands-on experience advising individuals and households just like you has taught me some of the biggest mistakes that are repeatedly made. Are you making critical errors that are just mucking up your life?  What if many of these errors are fixable allowing you to finally get your sh!t together and experience some breakthroughs for a change?  Read more below if your happiness is important to you…

Welcome to an epic community and subculture of non-conformists.  This is a place for independent thought where you could rebel the high-octane consumer-driven approach to life.  A community where you can “buck the system” in your own unique rebellious way to reach your goals and objectives in life.  This is a community where you will learn how to improve your life by focusing on key priorities that move the needle on your goals and dreams.  If you do things right, you may even be able to “stick it to the man” if you know what I mean…

My name is Paul Kindzia (pronounced Kin-zee-ahh).  I have earned many financial credentials in my never-ending pursuit of mastering personal finance such as an MBA in finance and an undergraduate degree in accounting.  I’m a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and a Certified Financial Planner (CFP®).  I’m an author and a CEO of a private wealth management firm.  I also ran a personal tax practice for many years.

Having worked alongside Wall Street and in close proximity to the corporate culture of American society, I feel that our system is broken and built upon a framework of lies and mistruths.  This impacts my life as much as it impacts your life.  I have developed a high level of skepticism of our modern culture in the developed world that is driven by the mandates of the mainstream media, the food industry, the pharmaceutical industry, the corporate world, Wall Street, and the Government.  I often refer to these institutions as “the forces of evil.” They play you like a fiddle and let’s just say your song is out of tune.

On the health and wellness front, I went from being a completely out of shape, fat butt corporate CPA to being a reformed competitive endurance athlete and didn’t even start those athletic pursuits until I was in my 30’s.  I’m more focused now on living a balanced life of health and wellness with an emphasis on longevity.  I am here to help YOU with some very common but misidentified problems in the areas of finance, health, relationships, time management, and the pursuit of happiness.  It’s hard to balance everything out in life and stay sane at the same time.  I can relate to being pulled in what seems like a million directions and feeling constantly crunched for time.  At times, my life felt so stressful, inadequate, and overwhelming.  Maybe you could relate to that.

One of the most significant advantages I have as your guide is that I have been submerged in helping individuals and households in the field of accounting and finance for the past 25 years.  I get to see what happens “behind the curtains” and on “the other side of the front door.”  In a world where everybody seems to be a glorious success on social media, I can attest that the vast majority of individuals really don’t have their sh!t together.  Most people are a mess and they make very similar mistakes repeatedly.  What you see on social media and at parties is not reality. It’s a mirage of fiction.  I want to help you avoid those commonly repeated mistakes that will impact your happiness in life.

I have broken down key success drivers in areas of finance, health, relationships, time management, and happiness.  The first step is helping you obtain the right information and knowledge that is needed for success (what are the common denominators of success).  The second step is to assist you in assembling several processes and procedures (the human software) that help you implement the key drivers of success.  This is what counts because knowledge alone means nothing if you don’t have the organization and implementation techniques to change your ways and get your sh!t together.  It’s important to know that the software will need to be “self-customized” to your personal situation.  It’s not so much about following an exact formula as it is about creating a framework for success for yourself.  I will help you do that.

I have developed principles based methods that make it possible for anyone to gain clarity on the factors that lead to success while also avoiding failure.  The complicated part is making things radically simple for yourself (it’s a paradox).  I’m in the trenches working with others while testing, observing, researching, documenting, and refining how to improve the lives of people just like you.  As your guide, I will lay out information that you need in a simplified format that will provide you with a roadmap to follow on your journey and the transformation of your life.  I will teach you skills necessary to consistently achieve higher levels of success and overcome the barriers to success while saving you time and money.  This all leads to clarity and personal change.

I understand what you are going through.  I have had to learn these principles (often the hard way) for myself.  I have helped others navigate common problems and obstacles during their journey of life.  I know life is often hard, can be a grind, and it’s easy to get stuck.


I grew up in the 1970’s and 1980’s in Niagara Falls, New York which is a very blue collar toxic waste dump of a city on the western end of New York right on the Canadian border.  I did not grow up with money.  I was raised in a family with 6 children.  For a period of time, my great-grandmother even lived with us.  The 9 of us would have to share a single bathroom.  My father was a union electrician who worked commercial construction jobs often in chemical plants with hazardous materials.  My mother was a stay-at-home Mom but was educated as a nurse.  Living on a single inconsistent construction paycheck was no easy task for my parents.

To earn additional income, my parents opened and operated a bait and tackle store as we lived extremely close to the lower Niagara River across from the Canadian border.  That’s where I got my first taste of hands-on business experience.  We sold worms, crabs, leeches, minnows, grubs and fishing tackle.  I was the kid who got on the school bus while other kids yelled, “WORMS!”

I swore to myself that I would be financially secure when I got older.  I wasn’t quite sure how that would work but I was willing to do whatever it took to learn more about money and personal finance.  So, if a kid who sold worms and went to state schools can figure out some new tricks on money, so could you.  By the way, I did learn a lot of tricks.


Let me be honest with you.  I’ve had a long, winding, up and down road to figuring out health and wellness.  I’ve had long stretches of great intentions, terrible results, mixed with total confusion.  My hometown of Niagara Falls was literally a toxic waste dump.  Multiple neighborhoods were condemned in the area from the famous “Love Canal” (Google it) and Bloody Run Creek which wasn’t far behind my house (Google without envy to see what kind of ecological disasters our good friends in corporate America are willing to do for extra profits.)

I’ve experienced all kinds of extremes in my health journey from being a tiny kid in high school where I only weighed 110 lbs. to battling significant overweight conditions in my early 20’s and parts of my 40’s.  I’ve felt what it is like first hand to be overweight, with high cholesterol, high blood pressure, ulcers, no energy, addicted to sugar, and bouts of anger, frustration, and depression.  Yet, through persistence and perseverance, I also found the path to sustainable health and wellness backed by proven principles of success.

To make that progress required new knowledge and information.  But it also required a new set of beliefs along with the appropriate processes and habits required for physical transformation.  The great news is that is if I could find that path, so could you!

“When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.”

There are many people who complain about personal health or criticize a more disciplined lifestyle as if it is such a negative pursuit.  But here’s the thing, they never experienced what it is like to feel awesome about themselves.  They don’t know what it is like to be fit, healthy, trim, energetic, of clear thought, capable, well rested, well fueled, with all the blood markers to prove it.  They don’t know what they are missing because they have never experienced awesome health first hand.  They get hung up on what they think the roadblocks will be for them to change their ways.

Don’t get me wrong, change is hard.  Change takes work.  Change is uncertain.  But it’s so worth it and I never want to go back to my old self.  I feel sorry for that guy (my old self) who was clueless on what needed to be done to improve his life.  I was so ignorant and trapped.  I sometimes felt helpless.  But I’m glad that version of me bucked up and fought the good fight.  I hope you do too because if you do, you will get to experience the benefits of a much more successful life.  If you don’t, then you will be like the millions of others who are fast-tracking their way to chronic diseases including all the negative side effects, suffering and spending massive amounts of money trying to correct issues that could have been avoided in the first place.


Most people never build the foundations of success which ultimately leads to a life filled with daily stress and anxiety.  I teach proven processes based on timeless principles that results in wealthier, healthier, more fulfilling, and balanced lives.

I Will:

  1. Get you focused on leading a life of personal excellence
  2. Teach you skills to get your financial house in order
  3. Teach you skills to get healthier
  4. Teach you skills to improve your relationships
  5. Teach you skills to manage your time more efficiently.
  6. Help you avoid the most common mistakes that I see people make repeatedly.
  7. Guide you to live a happier and more fulfilling life.

I am providing you with a platform whereby I will help you regardless of where you live on this earth.  I’ll share innovative research with you on the very best tools, tactics, tips, and techniques to improve your success.  I’ll deliver the information and explain it in a way that you can easily understand and implement it in your own life.  The website and blog allows you to learn at your own pace, implementing what you find most applicable to you in the current phase of your life.

My experiences have taught me that wealth can impact your health and happiness as much as health and happiness can impact your wealth.  They tend to interrelate with some interesting connections.

I believe that you don’t have to live life like most others.  In fact, I suggest that you don’t follow the crowd or subscribe to what society and culture are attempting to force feed you.  I want you to learn to think independently for yourself.  This really is about rejecting the mainstream life of lies.

If all goes well with this grand experiment, you may wake up one day with the pleasure of telling yourself, “I’m so glad that I finally got my sh!t together.”  That doesn’t mean that the learning will be done.  The learning is never done.  But you’ll be tasting success far more than you will be tasting failure and frustration.

Pay attention to those around you.  The masses will continue to experience pain and suffering as they chase pleasure the mainstream way.  We’ll be pursuing pain and sacrifice but will end up with the pleasure.  It’s funny how life is full of paradoxes.  Life’s deepest pleasures come through sacrifice and hard work.

“The juice is worth the squeeze.”

Make no apologies for pursuing personal excellence.  There are no apologies needed for living a clean and simple life with clarity of individual purpose.  There is no need to anguish in a modern life built upon the mandates of corporations, Wall Street and the Government. They have conditioned you with the lies that hyperactive consumerism will deliver you an attractive and easy path to happiness.  Reject that mainstream life of lies.  If you look around carefully, you’ll see that few people’s lives are happy nor easy.  What matters most is YOUR life.

The complexity really comes from living a life revolving around simplicity and clarity of your personal objectives.  You don’t need more choices and options, you need less noise.

Put your headphones and safety goggles on.  It’s time to write some human software built upon a platform of personal excellence.  You might even finally get your sh!t together.