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Enjoy The Seasons Of Life

There Are Calendar Seasons And Seasons Of Life


How to deal with The Haters, The Baiters, and Non-Believers During Your Transformation

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by Paul Kindzia in Happiness
October 17, 2017

Have you ever felt like life is going by so fast yet at the same time your entire life has grinded to a screeching halt with no forward progress?

You are stuck in your tracks traveling at light speed.

In behavioral finance, investors will believe that whatever is happening right now in the economy or in the markets will last forever into the future.  If times are good, they will stay good.  If they are making money, they will continue to make money the exact same way.  If times are bad, then they start to believe that they will always be bad.

But life is about seasons.  Seasons don’t just have to be about spring, summer, fall and winter although enjoying the changing seasons and holidays typically associated with those seasons can certainly be an enjoyable experience.  Seasons can be longer cycles in your life’s journey which may include;

  • College
  • Your early career days
  • Getting married and starting a new life with someone
  • Young children
  • The first few years of starting a business
  • Recovering from a setback or health issue
  • Kids moving away from home and getting married
  • Going back to school or changing careers
  • New hobbies or passions

At times, new seasons emerge as a natural part of your life.  One season ends and another begins whether you are ready or not.  Other times, it’s up to you to make changes in order to progress from one season to another.

We all experience these seasons just in different ways.  They can be scary.  Seasonal changes can bring on uncertainty and unknowns.  It’s natural to feel a lack of confidence as you progress through many of the days.  You simply won’t know exactly what to do or what NOT to do.

It’s important to remember that wherever you are in life, it’s just another season and there will be a start, a middle and an end to that season no matter what.  The only constant in life is change itself.  No business can do the exact same thing in the same manner forever and ever.  No physical being can halt the aging process.  No relationship can stay the same throughout life.

Do your best to enjoy the seasons of your life.  They can and will be overwhelming and full of confusion.  They can be scary or exciting.  Do your best to make them exciting.  Enjoy the new learning.  Welcome the change in people that will come into your life, opportunities that will present themselves, and knowledge that you will obtain by going through that season.

You can either try to enjoy the seasons or resist them with all of your might and fight them tooth and nail with stress and anxiety.  The choice is yours.  Choose wisely.

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How to deal with The Haters, The Baiters, and Non-Believers During Your Transformation